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If you are facing a family law matter such as a divorce or child custody in New York City, you may feel overwhelmed or anxious about the future well-being of you and your family. At The Law Office of Deana Balahtsis, we seek to minimize the stress and uncertainty that comes with these difficult life experiences by providing you with compassionate, step-by-step guidance and trial-tested advocacy.

Our divorce attorneys counsel individuals and families on a broad spectrum of matrimonial law matters, ranging from high-stakes divorce and child support to complex child custody issues and adoption proceedings. In every case, we apply our legal acumen to achieve the best result for our clients, while ensuring the efficacy of our representation.

We can facilitate a solution through negotiations, mediation, or litigation when necessary. Our extensive family law experience enables us to develop and implement creative strategies in support of your short- and long-term objectives. Prioritizing your needs and comfort, we provide the essential support you require at this time.

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Our Approach to Divorce Matters in New York

At the core of our practice is a dedication to administering legal advice guided by compassion and pragmatism. We approach every case with genuine care for the people we serve, as well as realistic and goal-oriented strategies. Supported by over two decades of experience, our New York City divorce attorneys understand the various challenges and potential financial implications inherent in conventional and unconventional family law matters.

Our goal is to obtain a favorable outcome while fostering an excellent client experience. We stand by our clients through every step of the divorce process, ensuring that all their questions and concerns are answered as they face life-changing decisions.

We are fluent in English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Albanian, Arabic, and Chinese, enabling us to serve a wide range of individuals. When you come to our firm, you gain direct access to our divorce attorneys and will work closely beside us. To discuss your situation in a consultation with our New York City divorce lawyers, call us today at (212) 588-1002.

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