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We provide legal support to individuals and couples facing a diverse array of matrimonial law issues. We have successfully represented clients in matters ranging from adoption to custody disputes across state and country borders. Our family law attorney has the depth of experience to provide counsel in matters beyond divorce, including modifications of child support and child custody.

Our family law attorneys advise and assist with matters concerning adoption and orders of protection. We strive to expedite satisfactory outcomes while remaining sensitive to our clients’ needs and resources.

Informative Legal Assistance for Complex Family Law Cases in New York City

Family law court orders are final unless you can show a substantial change of circumstances. This includes the loss of a job, a relocation, remarriage, or other significant life event. Thus, it is important to fully understand the issues of your case before agreeing to terms that could affect your financial stability and relationship with your children. Our family lawyer can analyze your situation and discuss the factors of your case so you can make informed legal decisions that are in your best interests.

Complex issues involved in family law matters include:

  • Division of assets and property
  • Division of debts and liabilities
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody and visitation schedules
  • Other financial considerations

If you seek a solution through informal mediation, you will need to discuss the important issues directly with the other party to reach a conclusion. However, if there is disagreement or conflict involved, your case may go to trial. During litigation, it is necessary to provide evidence in support of your claim, and the court will issue a binding legal decision that must be upheld by both parties.

Skilled Representation to Protect Your Family

The Law Office of Deana Balahtsis has over 20 years of experience and provides compassionate legal guidance to clients in family law matters. These cases often require a sensitive, tactful, and thorough approach. With an up-to-date knowledge of federal and state laws, our New York City family law lawyer can discuss your options for seeking a cost-effective legal solution.

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