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Deciding to add to your family is a beautiful and big decision. The adoption process will be filled with moments of joy, excitement, and, at times, stress. At the Law Office of Deana Balahtsis, our international adoption lawyers in New York understand understand how complicated the international adoption process can be.

Backed by more than 20 years of legal experience, we can significantly ease the process for your family.

We have been practicing adoption law for over two decades and are prepared to deal with even the most complicated cases. Allow us to assist you throughout the adoption process, guiding you and helping you complete your family.

How Does International Adoption Work in New York City?

Recent changes to the way the U.S. handles international adoptions has made the process much more difficult, making the need for a lawyer even more important than it has been. The Intercountry Adoption Act, which signified the implementation of the Haute Adoption Convention, has significantly changed how the United States addresses international adoptions. In an attempt to protect the best interests of the children, preventing the abduction, sale, and trafficking of children, the act places safeguards around adoption, ensuring that all key steps are met.

Essential Steps to the Hague Adoption Process:

  • Choose U.S. Accredited or Approved Adoption Service Provider
  • Apply to be eligible to adopt
  • Be referred to child
  • Apply for the child to be eligible to immigrate to the United States
  • Adopt or gain legal custody of the child
  • Obtain an immigrant visa for the child

The 6 Adoption Services:

Under the first step, choosing a U.S. Accredited or Approved Adoption Service Provider, the service provider is responsible for fulfilling 6 adoption services.

  • Identifying the child for adoption and arranging the adoption
  • Acquiring consent for termination of parental rights and consent to adoption
  • Performing home study and background study of adoptive parents and creating a report on the child
  • Making non-judicial determinations for the child’s best interest and the suitability of the adoptive placement
  • Monitoring the case after the child has been placed with the adoptive parents until the adoption is finalized
  • If there is an issue before the final adoption, they must assume custody of the child and provide or facilitate childcare or other social services until an alternate placement is found

These stipulations are plainly outlined, however, not all countries follow the Hague Adoption Convention, and follow their own guidelines. In these cases, you must work within the U.S. guidelines to bring your adopted child into the U.S., as well as the legal stipulations of the country you wish to adopt a child from.

Seek Legal Guidance for Your Adoption

In short, the process of international adoption can be taxing, and extremely technical. By trusting our New York international adoption attorneys at the Law Office of Deana Balahtsis, you can be sure that all paperwork will be completed, all deadlines will be met, and all of the rules will be followed. We can help you navigate the adoption process and bring your child home sooner.

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